Ethylene glycol tertiary butyl ether
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Weifang Kangshun Chemical Co., Ltd was established in April, 2016. Located in Petrochemical Road of Changyi City in Weifang city, we are a specialized manufacturer of Ethylene glycol tertiary butyl ether, with a registered capital of CNY 36 million, 733,700sqm of lands and a production capacity of 30,000 tons/year for the first stage. Ethylene glycol tertiary butyl ether is mainly used for water-based paint, water-based paint, ink and other fields.

Following market demands and based on leading technology permanently, we striving to offer you sincere and efficient service. Following people's demands, we look forward to cooperating with you for creating a bright future!

Ethylene glycol tertiary butyl ether (ETB): An organic chemical material, colorless and transparent flammable liquids with a mint flavor. Soluble in most organic solvents, can dissolve amino, nitro, alkyd, acrylic and other resins. At room temperature (25 ° C), it can be miscible with water, low toxicity, low irritation. Because of its unique hydrophilic nature and the ability to dissolve fusion, so it has a broad development trend in the field of environmental protection coatings and new energy.

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